About me….

I first ventured into the world of yoga as a teenager in the late 80s and from those early, slightly sketchy days of practicing, I continued to dip in and out of various different classes,  up until the birth of my son in 2010. Then my regular practice went on hold for a few years as life became very full with being a Mum and looking after a growing ménage of pets!

In early 2017, I had a sudden and unexpected health-scare that turned out to be a completely life changing experience. In the early days of recovery I knew instinctively that yoga and meditation were going to become fundamental and healing elements in my life.  I rediscovered my love for yoga and a more meditative, spiritual side to my practice began to grow and flourish.

I strongly believe in the healing power of listening to and moving the body. Finding space mentally, emotionally and spiritually through meditation and meditative movement. Building awareness and focus on the breath. Learning how we breathe and how we can breathe better can positively change our lives with regular attention and practice.

I completed my 200hr yoga training in London in 2018 with Dan Peppiatt (Yoga Like Water). Dan’s inspiring and unique approach to yoga encouraged me to delve deeper into a more felt practice, with emphasis on a freer way of moving and encouragement to explore beyond the confines of more traditional styles of yoga.

My yoga style is flowing, free, grounded and playful and centres around the breath. I encourage people to develop a whole body awareness, with the breath and the body fully engaged in the movement.

Classes incorporate free, fluid movement, different types of breath work, a little meditation and classes are open to all levels and abilities.

The studio is a safe environment to escape the pressures of everyday life, to explore, to move, to find space. Taking time out of your day to notice how your body feels and how it moves with no expectation and no judgement.