I am an Amnanda therapist and offer treatments from home in Great Horkesley.

Amnanda is a deeply relaxing oil treatment that is given in twelve individual treatments over the course of twelve months.

Amnanda helps to release deeply held stress and tension from the body and the mind restoring health and vitality.

The oils used in Amnanda are specially prepared with herbs and mantra and are applied to the whole body using a light touch.  The treatments are deeply relaxing and calming.

The Amnanda Process was developed 1400 years ago from a Tibetan tradition of Ayurveda. Originally only practiced by monks within monasteries, it was more recently made available to us through Baba Ramdas Swami, a Tibetan monk and Ayurvedic master. 

Why have Amnanda?

You don’t need a specific reason to embark on the Amnanda journey. Every single one of us will benefit from having the treatment. We are all affected by negative experiences that naturally occur throughout life and the Amnanda Process restores our ability to move through these with greater ease and resilience.

Amnanda is a healing treatment that benefits everyone, at any time in their life (for adults over 21).

Treatment Prices 

£60 per treatment (allow 75 mins per session).

Additional costs for Amnanda: there are small additional costs to cover two types of herbal tea to drink throughout the treatment and for two months clients take a skin tincture.

Please call or email me if you would like further information on Amnanda.