Keeping sane in uncertain times

Keeping sane in uncertain times
It’s been a little while since my last newsletter and, obviously, I wasn’t expecting to be writing about this! 

The main news is that as we have had to stop face to face classes I am embarking on a new and exciting mission to bring yoga directly to you in your homes.  We are going to try an app called Zoom and you will need to download it onto your  computer, laptop, iPad or phone.  All you need is your electronic device, some space at home, a yoga mat if you want one and perhaps a sense of humour and adventure!  Further details on that below.  

Instead of giving out advice on how to navigate these unknown waters,  I thought I’d share with you a few things that I am doing in an ongoing attempt to stay sane, grounded, calm and healthy.  

Firstly, I am limiting how much news I listen to (I take information from the daily news conferences – which I’m a little addicted to!) and I’m trying not to get too drawn into the worst case scenario stories.  Worrying about the doom and gloom that is out there in the media and on social media will only make us feel even more anxious and unstable.  

Secondly, I’m looking after my own physical and emotional health and allocating time each morning for movement and meditation. I’ve also been adventuring out locally on some different routes with the dogs. Taking longer walks (where before it was a job I squeezed into the day) and really enjoying being outside and, more often than not, in the sunshine. The dogs are benefiting from this too!  

Thirdly, I’m focusing on new things to do, whether it’s how to start up online yoga or trying out new and creative projects.  One of my teachers is encouraging us all to tap into our inner artist… whether that’s painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, cooking, gardening, singing, the list is endless! And for those of us with children, soon to be at home for an extended period of time, how to do this with them.

Look out for something interesting coming from Gareth Malone – it’s going to be called ‘Home Malone’, and will be singing together remotely.  

Boredom often blossoms into great creativity, ingenuity and invention!

It’s really important that we look after ourselves at this time.  Remember the safety briefing before you fly…. ‘put your own  oxygen mask on before you help others’. The same applies now. If we look after ourselves we are in a better position to help those around us.  
 If you’d like to join me online… 

– download Zoom from the App Store.
– let me know you’d like to join and I will send you an invite via email. 
– find a comfortable space in your house.  You don’t need a mat but you might prefer to use one.  

Proposed classes

9am Wednesday – a mindful, dynamic flow with emphasis on building strength, balance and stamina. 

9am Friday – a  gentler flow with emphasis on grounding and calming. 

Evening class – day and time tbc. This class will be gentle and settling for the nervous system to prepare you for the end of the day.  

And I’m hoping to start a  ‘yoga for everyone’ class – I’d like to extend this to everyone and anyone, at no charge, once a week, perhaps more regularly if it’s popular. Time and day to be worked out.  Tell everyone you know who might benefit.  I’m hoping to help and reach people who are stuck at home on their own. It will be gentle and calming and suitable for all ages and abilities.  I will keep you posted on this… 

Next week we will try out the classes at no charge.  If they work and we want to continue there will be a £5 charge per class. I will work out a way for you to pay remotely.  Classes will be 60 mins to start with.  

Finally, if you are interested in private or small group sessions please get in touch as we can do these in the same way. 

This is new to us all so we will be learning together and we can make changes and adjustments as we go along.  
Useful resources for yoga and meditation at home

I would like to share some resources with you.  These are things I use regularly and can highly recommend.

Movement for Modern Life www.movementformodernlife.c
om is a fantastic, British run yoga website that offers a myriad of different yoga teachers and styles.  You have to pay a subscription to use it but it isn’t expensive and is worth investigating if you’d like to build up your home practice.  They announced today that are offering a greatly reduced rate to those over 70 so take a look and recommend to anyone who might benefit.  FREE yoga and meditation from a US yoga website.  They have made these available to non-subscribers as a gift during this time. Sanctuary with Rod Stryker – an app for those interested in  building a regular meditation practice.  Again, it is a monthly subscription but is really worth it if you’d like to get into your meditation.  I use it every day and can’t recommend it HIGHLY enough. 

There are also many other great meditation apps that you can buy without a subscription such as Insight Timer (which is free), Buddhify and Headspace Practice You podcast is brilliant and is hosted by one of my favourite teachers, Elena Brower, who is magnificent.  She has lots of really interesting guests and I love listening to these whilst I’m walking the dogs. 

And here are some yoga-ry playlists that have been shared with me recently, so I am passing them on to you too. 

If the links are not useful, the titles are (which you can put into Spotify):
‘Magnetic field protective light’ and
‘healing being creating healing being creating’.