Would you like more yoga in your life?

Would you like more yoga in your life?

Would you like more yoga in your life?

Are you curious about starting up your own yoga practice at home, in your time, in your own space?

For just £20 I’m offering a 30 minute 1-2-1 session on zoom to discuss with you exactly what you’re looking for, what interests you and what you’d like to do more of.  I will then put together a sequence specifically designed for you depending on your requirements, likes and dislikes.  You will then have a solid base to work from, to use as frequently or infrequently as you wish!

How to start – what do I need?

Very little!  A mat if you wish to buy one. Yoga Matters have a good online shop with a range of mats available.  We use these mats in the studio.  You can buy yoga blocks, bricks, a strap if you like but these things can be replaced by things you have at home such as books, cushions, belts etc. 

How often and when should I practice?

This is entirely up to you.  I like to practise in the morning after breakfast.  Some people like to practise before breakfast, some mid-morning, some in the afternoon and evening.  It really is up to you.  There isn’t a ‘right’ time.  Just chose a time that works for you. 

To attempt to commit to practicing every day, although it’s admirable and lovely if you can, it is not essential.  To have a ‘regular’ practice you can aim for 3-5 times a week. My advice is to not turn it into a chore or something you feel guilty about.  If you miss a day or you have a week when you haven’t managed to get on your mat at all it doesn’t matter – just start up again when you can. 

What to include in your practice?  

Again, this is completely up to you. What do you enjoy the most? What are you looking for? Would you like more strength, flexibility, calm, mental space?  You can have movement, breath and meditation in your practice or just one or two of these elements.  You can build a practice incorporating all three but not do all three every time you go to your mat. 

How long should my practice be? 

In terms of how long to spend on your daily yoga is again just a case of seeing how you feel on the day, how much time you have and what other commitments are pressing on your mental load!  I suggest aiming for between 20-40 minutes and if you only have time for 10 minutes then that is still better than missing it completely and you will feel the benefits from even a small blast of yoga in your day. 

Please get in touch if you would like to give this a go.  I’d really love to help you get your self-practice up and running!   And remember, I would still love to see you on zoom or in person in the studio when restrictions are lifted.  

Having a self-practice is something you can develop alongside your normal classes and it can become a life-long companion and friend!

Click on the wisteria below to book!

Ellie x